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+5.3M in revenue: how we launched an email marketing channel for a ski resort




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Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 

60 km of slopes, 100% snow cover, snow park, comfortable hotels, restaurants, spa and medical centers, souvenir stores and equipment, kids club, ski school, night clubs, bowling ー Bukovel resort offers everything for skiing, entertainment, and health.


  • Create and set up an email marketing channel as an additional source of income for the company.
  • Increase the number of transactions from the email channel.

    Initial data

    Before our collaboration, the brand didn't take advantage of retention marketing tools. So in June 2021, we started working on developing the email marketing channel.


    The resort is actively growing year to year, and therefore it is essential to build effective communication with customers. In the long run, the quality of communication can directly impact the company's revenue. The better a brand communicates with its customers, the more loyal clients, transactions, and repeat purchases it will get.

    Resource Base

    Before our collaboration, the Bukovel email database contained only those contacts that users entered when placing an order on the website. Despite the fact that there was no communication before, that potential loyal audience became the foundation for a good contact base for further work.


    Number of contacts in the email database before starting the work


    Number of valid contacts after the audit

    Before starting the work, we audited the database and left only valid contacts to establish further communication. In addition, we  created a technical task for the client for importing new contacts, which were added to the base.

    "Join The Bukovel Club" widget for New Contacts

    The technical capabilities of the brand's website had a number of functional limitations, so we offered the client to implement a widget with the message “Join The Bukovel Club” to collect new contacts.

    The “Join The Bukovel Club” widget is design to form a loyal community for the customers who are interested in communication with Bukovel.

    The main advantage of the Bukovel Club members is that they are the first to receive newsletters with big deals and promotions.

    Visualization of the "Join Bukovel Club" subscription widget

    We adapted the widget and subscription triggers to each language version of the website (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, English). This solution allowed us to personalize the communication with users and improve it. 

    An integrated approach to setting up the channel allowed us to double the contact base.


    The contact base increased in nine months


    Valid contacts

    eSputnik account

    To optimize the process and monitor the effectiveness of all emails, we set up the account in the marketing automation service eSputnik.

    Thanks to the verification, we were completely ready to send marketing emails, since it guaranteed the correct sender name and signature with the brand domain, not the email service domain.

    We considered push notifications as an additional communication channel for informing about the most important events and promotions in Bukovel. 

    During the work on this case study, we received ~60,000 subscribers from the email marketing channel.

    Example of a push notification

    email templates for newsletters

    Resort activities are divided into summer and winter. Considering these specifics, we suggested the brand implement three email template options:

    Example of an email template for the summer season
    Example of an email template for the winter season
    Example of an email template for the winter season

    When designing the templates, we used:

    Examples of using non-standard blocks in email templates

    After the templates were ready, we developed a trigger communication map. The triggers were implemented in stages, according to the technical capabilities of the client's site.

    Media plan

    We managed to systematize the work and ensure stable growth of the desired performance due to the media plan. It covered all possible segments of the users, focusing on services that are a priority for Bukovel and relevant to customers (e.g., ski-pass, the ability to rent a hotel, club cards, etc.).

    The media plan provided for sending 1-2 trigger emails per month, depending on their priority.

    Trigger Communication Map

    When developing the trigger communication map, we considered seasonality, which is an advantage in the case of a ski resort. Bukovel offers their guests recreation and entertainment at any time of the year.

    We created triggers for all major events (for instance, welcome email series for each season and Ski-pass, Double Opt-In, and welcome series for the Artek Bukovel camp, etc.).

    Double Opt-In is a type of subscription which includes an additional confirmation of the email address from the email.


    If Bukovel offers ski-pass discounts in autumn, we include this promo offer in the welcome series, if the user has not bought a ski pass before. It allows us to update the content for users based on a season or current offers.

    Example of an email with a current offer

    As part of the project, we developed 30 basic scenarios. Today some of the triggers are implemented and working (e.g., welcome chains, upsales, contact reactivation, loyalty triggers). Others need additional information from the client to run the script or require access to the site code.

    Example of an up-sale trigger

    Artek Bukovel

    Additionally, we developed and personalized communication with users interested in sending their children to the Artek Bukovel camp.

    Since it is a separate direction of the Bukovel brand, we designed:

    Subscription widget on the Artek-Bukovel page
    Example of a letter for the Artek-Bukovel project

    The demand for this direction depends on seasonality, as the camp is open only in summer. In the future, well-functioning retention marketing tools will allow forming a separate segment of clients with whom Artek Bukovel will be able to build effective communication.


    At the end of 9 months, we completed the client's task and ran successful email marketing campaigns. Moreover, all the work helped to get additional revenue from the channel, which Bukovel didn't have before.


    Transactions from the email
    channel for 9 months


    Income from the email
    channel for 9 months, UAH


    Loyal subscriber base

    * 55% of the base are loyal and constantly read emails for at least three months.

    For further channel effectiveness, we are going to expand the number of segmented trigger chains and increase the number of contacts communicating with the brand.

    What's next?

    project team


      Konstantin Vakarenko



      Kateryna Abrosimova

      Customer Success

      Anna Plyga

      Retention Team Lead

      Yaroslav Stetsenko

      Junior email marketing specialist

      Elena Gerasimenko


      Kateryna Kostyan


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