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Karcher is the Germany-based brand which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment.


  • Encourage customers to buy Karcher products before the prices increase.
  • Increase Click-through-Rate (CTR) and Open Rate (OR) criteria through the implementation of gamification in email newsletters.

    Initial data

    Since 2019, we have been cooperating with Karcher in the sphere of retention marketing. During our cooperation with the brand, we helped Karcher to restart and set up the effective work of the email channel:

    The brand takes care of the email database of contacts always to be up-to-date. Therefore, all invalid contacts are deleted, inactive contacts are reactivated, and the database is replenished due to effective retention marketing tools.


    As part of the new project, we had to develop and implement a strategy for selling goods before raising prices and drawing the audience's attention to the brand's activity as much as possible.

    A New Email Strategy with Gamification Elements

    We used the AMP For Email technology with gamification in the form of roulette as the basis of the strategy.

    АМP For Email ー interactive sheet in HTML format with the possibility of using gamification elements. An email created using AMP technology will look like a standalone web page. The tool allows users to perform all actions directly via the email (for example, spin a roulette wheel and immediately receive the result).

    Most often, gamification is used to involve users in the game process, which brings positive emotions. This allows influencing the customer's loyalty to the brand: increasing interest, and as a result, getting better conversion. 

    This tool is usually used directly on the site. Its logic and rules should be simple and clear to users. 

    However, the technical capabilities of the site did not allow for the launch of gamification in its classic form. That's why we offered the client to implement the interaction through the email channel.

    It is important to consider that gamification in the email will be effective only if there is a unique selling proposition (further USP). 

    USP of our client: the opportunity to buy Karcher equipment before the price increase and receive a gift if you use the promo code*.

    *In order to get an additional conversion, we indicated that the validity period of the promo code is limited.

    Banner with USP in the Email Newsletter

    Development and Implementation of Gamification in Email

    Since gamification is not often used directly in email newsletters, it was important for us to consider the limitations that we could face in the project.

    However, in addition to the difficulties of using this tool, there are also a number of advantages, especially considering that we used AMP For Email technology. 

    We chose the "Roulette" mechanism with an interactive form for the Karcher project. Such a gamification type allows for getting the result of the game directly in the emails, without the need to switch to other resources.

    AMP technology used in the project was available to users of the Gmail mail service.

    We have also developed an alternative version of the interactive feature in the browser for users of mail services that did not support the AMP For Email technology.

    Visualization of the Message to the User About the AMP Feature

    The Roulette game was a win-win for all customers.

    The following gifts were available for Karcher subscribers:

    Email with gamification attracts more user attention and influences the decision to buy brand products.

    Base Segmentation

    Any conversion USP should be broadcast to the maximum number of valid contacts.

    To get the best conversion, we selected from the client's email database contacts that interacted with the brand during the last year. However, customers who made purchases a month before the mailing were not included in this segment. 

    The segment of valid contacts for the campaign was 41% of the total email base of the brand.


    Due to the AMP technology, we managed to increase the number of engaged buyers. The CTR indicator increased almost one and a half times, and the Open Rate more than doubled. Hence, using interactive to increase brand audience engagement was worth the resources involved.

    CTR = Number of clicks/Number of views*100

    OR = Number of open letters/Number of delivered letters*100

    *We used the indicators for 6 months before the campaign as the average rate.

    What's next?

    The client plans to increase the number of gamified emails for specific large-scale info drives soon. This will attract users to interact with the brand.

    project team


      Nadiya Kriposna

      Head of the Marketing Department

      Natalia Budarina

      Marketing Manager


      Anna Plyga

      TeamLead Retention marketing department

      Yaroslav Stetsenko

      Email marketing specialist

      Kateryna Ochichenko


      Evgeny Kolesnyk


      Bohdan Chaplyna

      Customer Success Manager

      Anna Basilenko

      Team Lead Customer Success

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