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How to restart the email channel for an online alcohol store and gain +36% income within six months


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Winetime – a national chain of gastro markets represented by 32 stores in 14 regions of Ukraine plus an online shop. The assortment of the chain includes more than 8,000 alcohol and gastronomy items.


  • Relaunch the email channel.
  • Relaunch the email channel.Increase the sales from the email channel.
  • Prepare the channel for the sales season.

    Initial data

    Prior to approaching Promodo, the client tried to run their email channel in-house, but the results from the internal team were unsatisfactory.


    The email channel plays an important role in both building communication with customers and the company's income. Its optimization can consistently return up to +15% income monthly.

    Audit of the subscribers' base

    To ensure a successful email launch and a high percentage of deliverability, we validated the previously collected customer base.

    Valid email ー existing and correctly inserted email addresses, unwitnessed in suspicious activities.

    As a result of the audit, we identified some problems in the customer base, due to which brand emails were not being delivered:


    Subscriber’s base


    Contacts non valid

    We have removed the passive part of the base and have obtained 11,000+ of the valid base.

    Email account settings

    Prior to the start of work, the client did not rely on the email channel as a source of additional income. The channel metrics were not tracked, which means the client didn’t have the complete picture of the effectiveness of this tool.

    For the channel to start making a profit, we had to restart it and set it up from scratch again.

    For example, to ensure a high level of deliverability, we worked on setting up an email account:

    The reputation of the sender domain growth if subscribers open the emails, rather than ignoring them or sending them to spam.

    Email template development

    An important element in the operation of any email channel is the visual component. The more subscribers like your emails visually ー the more often they will open emails from your brand.

    As our client didn’t develop the channel before, the emails from the brand needed a design and structure update.

    Old email template

    This is why we have developed a new email template, where we have emphasized high-quality photos with mouth-watering foods and drinks.

    New email template

    The setup of the regular promo emailing

    At the next stage, we began preparations for launching promo mailings. This tool allows you to maintain regular contact with subscribers, as well as report on the most important news and promotions of the company.

    Goal: formation and sending of promotional mailings on a regular basis once a week.

    Email promo

    In 6 months, these emails had brought +36% of the income through the channel.

    Implementation of the subscription widget

    Another tool which had not been previously used by the brand for the update and increase of the contact’s base was the subscription widget. 

    We had placed the widget on the website, and in 4 months it collected 3,580 contacts.

    Displaying the subscription widget on the site
    Activated subscription widget

    Implementation of eSputnik

    Prior to the start of work, the brand had not used email marketing automation services. We offered the client to implement such a tool and set up the transfer of information about orders to eSputnik.

    eSputnik ー customer data and multichannel marketing platform.

    The implementation of this service allowed us to organize multi-channel brand advertising campaigns.

    An example of the order confirmation through eSputnik

    Setting up the transfer of contacts to eSputnik

    For the next stage, we set up the transfer of new contacts when subscribing in the footer and registering in the personal account to the eSputnik email service. For these events, double opt-in was configured.

    Double Opt-In ー a kind of subscription, which implies additional confirmation of the email address from the email.

    In 6 months, these sources have returned 570 new valid contacts.

    Triggers setup

    Trigger mailing improves communication with subscribers. Therefore, we have developed scenarios for each of the key stages of user interaction with the brand.

    Triggers «Abandoned cart» and «Abandoned view»

    Through the advanced segmentation of eSputnik, we have set up one of the most important conversion triggers ー «Abandoned cart» and «Abandoned view».

    An example of the email «Abandoned shopping cart»
    An example of the email «Abandoned view»

    We had set up these triggers from the 3rd month and in the 4th, they have returned 8% of the total channel’s transactions.

    Inclusion of the triggers through SMS

    In addition to the main email service in eSputnik, we have used SMS messaging: by implementing the «Happy Birthday» trigger.

    This format of interaction is aimed at increasing customer loyalty, and the proposed promotional code for a discount will encourage a purchase.

    Example of an SMS with the promo code 
    “Happy birthday! Our gift is a 15% promo code for an alcoholproduct and 10% promo code for any groceries”

    Development of a trigger map communication

    To build further communication, we have developed, but have not yet implemented a trigger communication map.

    Example of a trigger map communication  «Client had no purchases for >2 months»


    Even though the niche of alcoholic products has several restrictions, this does not interfere with the creation of a high-quality communication channel.

    The results of the project showed that the channel has great potential for development: in the first six months alone, the channel returned +199% of income. And this is certainly not the limit of the channel for this client.

    For the further development of the email channel, it’s important for the brand to stick to the current strategy and continue to develop better communication with both existing customers and collect new contacts.

    What's next?

    project team


      Matushevych Serhii

      Marketing manager

      Kormush Andrii

      Online store manager


      Korotchenko Nataliia

      Customer Success

      Plyha Anna

      Team Lead Retention marketing department

      Herasymenko Olena


      Kolesnyk Yevhen

      Middle web-designer

      Kadyhrob Nataliia

      Middle web-designer

      Harmash Dariia

      Junior specialist in the sphere of the email marketing

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